Shorline Development

Ensemble, réalisons le Québec de demain.

Several factors influence the choice of plants at the edge of a lake or river:

Since land at the water’s edge is much more at risk, it is better to choose trees, shrubs and plants that promote better protection of the riparian strip.

There are several plant species that can slow down the erosion process. A vegetated riparian strip helps stabilize the shore because of the roots, stems, branches and trunks of plants that slow down erosion.

The combination of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees forms a diverse web of roots, stems and foliage that immobilizes the shore:

It is resistant to the effects of wind, rain, waves and ice.

In general, trees and shrubs provide better protection for shoreline stabilization than grasses, hence the importance of diversifying plant selection during revegetation.

The type of soil and the cohesion of its particles influence the stability of the banks.

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