Environemental Impact Studies

Verification of activities conformity regarding laws and regulations

Verification of a management system (adoption and implementation of adequate and effective practices)

Beginning of the audit, interview and files opening (defining the objectives, criterias, choice of audit and, if applicable, of the team).

  • Reviewing the documents relevant to the audit
  • Preparation of the audit (timetable, protocol, etc.)
  • Performing the on-site audit (gathering and verifying information on site)
  • Preparation of the audit report

Step 1

Triggering of the audit, interview and opening of the file (definition of the objectives, the fields of application, the criteria, the choice of the verification and, if necessary, the team).

Step 2

Review of the relevant documents for the audit.

Step 3

Preparation of the audit (schedule, protocol, etc.).

Step 4

Realization of the audit on the site (gathering and verification of the information).

Step 5

Preparation of the audit report.

Step 6

Follow-up of the audit (implementation of preventive and corrective actions).