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Togheter, let's build the Quebec of tomorrow

Simon Bédard

President - Associate

Éric Brazeau-Goupil

Senior Project Manager Associate

Karim Berraja


Éric Guimond-Lanteigne


Elena Hidalgo

Envrionmental Engineer

Simon Bédard


Simon is the visionary to whom we owe Envirox environnement. Dedicated to his passions, he devotes his daily life to thinking about environment and the new technologies that are submerging us. As a manager and general contractor, Simon invests his tireless energy in the challenges of his enterprise.

With his innovative and thoughtful approach to various stakeholders in the industry, Simon has built a dedicated and qualified team. This is why today, Envirox is a benchmark in terms of environment.

Éric Brazeau-Goupil Ms. Env

Senior Project – Manager Associate 

Eric is the maestro of our teams. With more than X years of experience, he is the one holding all our confidence when it comes to articulate projects. In the field, in the offices, in the laboratory, he failed in no responsibility. He owes his great managerial qualities to his past experiences as a personal sultan and to his collaborations with the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. He is the quintessential colleague. No doubt why his former colleagues followed him when he entered Envirox.

Karim Berreja


Humans are upsetting the planet’s ecosystems while Karim finds solutions. He is the biologist who enables Envirox to guarantee the success of its mission and to build a greener Quebec. He is dedicated to the conservation of natural environments and biodiversity by focusing his expertise on ecotoxicology and on the restoration of environments contaminated by pollutants. His objective: preserve endangered species and control invasive species in order to limit disturbances and protect the ecological value of natural habitats.

Éric Guimond-Lanteigne


The Envirox adventure is not the first project of our experienced technician. His expertise has been sharpened thanks to the multiple projects carried out in his career. Floristic and characterization inventories of natural environments as well as the evaluation of environmental protection have no more, or almost, secrets for him. He is our house alchemist with exceptional rigor.

Business value 

With its in-depth knowledge, a multisectoral experience and an undeniable success in the environment, Envirox guarantees you a greener Quebec.